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Need help identifying my new purchase

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Brought home what I'm told is a 1969, all I know is it's a Simplicity, it has a Broadmoor sticker across the back, and the ID plate on the side starts 898.

I know the motor has been replaced, as there is a battery tray with cables, an ignition switch with start position, and a solenoid, but none of it is hooked up.

My buddy who has had a lot of these old machines thinks it's a 728. Can anyone confirm?


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Does the steering wheel make any difference? This isn't the original. I was given the original as part of the package, it's a D shape wheel.
Oh cool. Can you confirm if the model number of the deck is 990422? I need to order pulleys and a couple bearings for it
I would like to get a blower for it. I'm about to move back out to a couple acres, gonna need more than a push blower for the driveway I need to clear. I'm looking forward to fixing this thing up. It runs good once you get it started, but this isn't the original engine so far as I can tell, or at least it's not the original cover and flywheel. I'm set up for electric start, but all I have is a recoil. Buddy of mine is tossing me one of his junk cabin mowers, has a good 12hp briggs on it with charging and lighting, so I'm gonna drop that in. I need to rebuild part of the mower deck, and I want to find a snowblower for it as well. Guy I bought it from included tire chains, the linkage for lifting a snow blade, and some other extras. I'll post a "build" thread once I get started
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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