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Hi all.

I came across the following picture on a national 4x4 forum from someone that has been using this double acting hydraulic cylinder for his steering (the horizonal grey cylinder):

Now I have been in contact with the builder of that vehicle and this is unfortunately the only information he was able to give me on this particular cylinder:
"it was roughly from a 1960's vintage IH backhoe with front bucket loader on rubber tires (4x4). It was pretty small compared to most equipment standards."

Obviously a part number would be great, but I know that's a lot to ask for such a vague description of what it came out of. It doesn't look like a traditional single rod double acting hydraulic cylinder, nor does it look like a telescoping cylinder (due to the way the tubes "step down" in size and the location of the rod). I haven't even been able to locate anything that remotely looks like it, either, so even the technical term for that type of hydraulic cylinder would be great.

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