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Need help identifing my new Troy-Bilt

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Hey guys,
Been lurking the forums for quite some time and finally bought me a used Troy-Bilt Bronco yesterday so I figured I'd start posting. I don't know what year/model number it is (couldn't find it but wasn't able to look very long) and I was wondering if anyone can identify it from my picture of it.

I bought a general mulching kit from lowes for it and was going to order some gator blades and wanted to make sure I got the correct size. Plus, I also need to get a manual for it due to what I believe is crooked mowing deck.

I love lurking on this forum, even tho this is my first lawn tractor purchase.

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Provide the model type & series code of the engine if the model sticker under the seat is gone and I can find it for you.
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