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Need help attaching thrown Drive Belt CTX9500 Model# 107.25007

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Ran over a limb and threw the drive belt.
I looked at the manual and says to take to Sears Service Center. Forget that!!!
Google was no help.
There is no diagram under Foot Rest.

Any help out there?
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I would venture to guess you have to loosen the engine or transaxle?
Yikes... loosen the engine or transaxle???

Here's a pic of the pulley, showing a guide pin, to the right of the Mule.
It's not movable and there is not enough clearance to slip the new belt between the guide pin and the lip of the mule.

I figured that I needed to loosen and drop the Pully Assemly. I tried to removed the Center Bolt that holds the Clutch/Mule Pulleys but the engine just turned as I did.
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I loosened the 4 bolts holding the engine to the frame.
Then I came to the conclusion that I would have to disconnect the muffler in some way or another.
Oh no... What am I getting into? Well, forget that too!

So I bent that Glide Pin (?) enough that I can get the Belt pass and onto the pulley.

Ain't over yet.
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Locking the Parking Brake gave me enough belt play that I was able to route the belt correctly.
She's running fine but I saw that I need to replace the Drive Belt this season.

A good thing is, since I pulled the deck, I scraped the bottom and sharpened the blades.

Thanks for the motivation Bill.

BTW, I called a local shop and asked how much to get the belt on.
They charge a Dollar a minute per job and they have a 2 week backlog.
That made me laugh
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Was loosening the engine necessary?
Just curious for future ref:
No Bill, it wasn't.
I just needed to bend that guide pin, loop the belt on the pulley and straighten it back.
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