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Have an OC3 that hasn't been run in a couple of years. The reason is because one track kept coming off when turning and couldn't find a reasonable fix. Really need to get it running again if possible but need some advice.

1. After sitting for so long will there be problems with the engine? Are there any additive that could be used to clean out gunk, rust or whatever?

2. The problem with the track coming off is that the sprockets are worn. Have searched for a couple of years for replacements but the ones found were in worse shape. Contacted welding company to possibly build up the metal, but they said it would be too expensive and wouldn't guarantee. The large bolt that extends the track is maxed out. Only other suggestion was to take a link out of each track but that it very difficult and time consuming. Can anyone suggest a creative way to get this baby back in business? Really could use it this summer.

Thanks in advance
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