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Need carb help on couple machines

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So I've done some searching but can't find what I'm looking for. First up I need a carb rebuild kit for an LT1000 with a 19.5 Briggs twin. The engine model is 42E707. The type is 1631 01. The code is 9705095B. I've found a couple different carb kits, but not sure if one of you guys know more about this engine.

Second, got a custom 10, not sure what year, dad got it in 85. Can't find a tag on tractor anywhere. Anyway, since we've had it, never Thad to take carb apart, just adjust every once in a while. But now it leaks fuel and constantly hunts. Probably best to just get a new carb if cant find rebuild kit. Where do you guys find parts for these things? Engine model # is 143-619012 and s/n is 0321 08221.

Third, got a SS16 I picked up for 100 bucks. Not sure what year. Need same thing lol, new carb. Tractor model is 91725751. S/n is 5061. Engine BF # is MS/2379B. S/n is 0473619039.
Any help is appreciated guys
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Ok I found that info for the Briggs, didn't know if there was a way to tell by the numbers. I knew the others were Tecumseh and onan, but never knew it was a Tecumseh HH-100. Thanks for the help and let me know if you find that link
Wow thats expensive lol. And I'm not sure how the carb really is. I cleaned it, but the intake manifold gaskets were ripped, so It wouldn't run right even if the carb was good. And who's this boomer guy, hear alot about him
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