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For a friend;

He has a 1948 Minneapolis-Moline Model RTU.
Needs an oil filter cartridge. Stock if possible but, a Fleetguard LF573 will work.
He can't seem to find a stock or the Fleetguard anywhere.

Any referances or suggestions would be appreciated fellas.


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The Google search engine can be your friend. I entered the P/N, and got 17,700 results. LF573 - Google Search

Also found a cross reference list for thatpart number.

I've found the easiest way to find parts for old tractors such as bearings, or seals, and all other parts, is to use the OEM part number. Bearings,and seals can usually be cross referenced through a lot of bearing supplies, such as Motion Industries As far as major componentparts, salvage dealers,and brand specific parts dealers learned to list their parts using the OEM part number, especially dealers that list items on the internet. If it's out there and listed, Google is a good place to start looking for them. Ebay dealers are doing the same.

Hope this helps..!!
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