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Need advice on first tractor purchase

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I just purchased a home with 3 acres. The house sits on the back of the 3 acres so the driveway is approximately 500 ft long. There is a 1 acre plot that was once a horse pasture and is overgrown with weeds and stuff. My plan is to get a tractor for clearing my driveway in the winter, brush hogging the 1 acre plot at least once a year, and plowing a 1/4 acre garden.

With my research, it seems a utility tractor is what i would need. With my budget being in the $4000-$5000 range, its appears as though I will need an older tractor (50's - 60's). My trouble is understanding what brands are good in those time periods? How much HP do I need? is 4WD a must?

One nice to have would be a front loader, but I don't know if my budget would allow for a tractor that could handle that. Please let me know what tractors would be good for what I am trying to accomplish and what features I should be looking for. This would be my first tractor so it doesn't have to be anything special.
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