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Need advice on 48" mower bearings

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I understand the spindle bearings on this deck are sealed units , I have a new to me 1974 140h3 with a 48" deck, while the deck seems to be still working , I not so sure if the bearings are as quiet as they are supposed to be or should be , while there is no squealing or grinding noises but seem to be a rumbling noise while mowing , when I turn the spindles by hand they feel lumpy , I m planning on replacing all the bearings and or the idler pulley if they need it this Winter or in the Spring and wonder if I can do the spindles myself with a sledge and sockets and wooden blocks etc. or if I should remove just the spindle assembles or simply take the entire deck to either a mower shop of which I have two independent dealers near by or pay the bigger bucks and go a bit further down the road to the JD dealer .

I don't have access to an arbor or hydraulic press or have a HD steel vice at home .
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Hello aksarben,
Those deck bearings usually have a life expectancy of around 500 hours,give or take.
As for replacing them,IMO,it's best to disassemble the spindles from the mower deck. If you don't have a press,a decent vise will do also. If you don't feel comfortable doing them yourself,it would still be alot cheaper to remove the spindles from the deck yourself,instead of bringing the whole deck to a shop or dealer.

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