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Need advice for manuals.

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Just got a 1945 Farmall A tractor.Don't know much about it.I've been reading everything i can on the internet.I want to get parts,operator and service manuals but don't know what to trust.Can anyone give some advice as to a good place to get them?The tractor owner tried to convert to 12 volt but didn't finish.I want it back to 6 volt.It has a coat hanger going to govenor.I need a reference to know how to put it back to original or as close as possible.
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Congrats on your "new" Farmall A, nice little tractors! I like your approach, read and learn all you can. My favorite place for manuals is Binder Books, great prices, can't beat the service and the quality of the reprints are top notch.
Thank you for the info.Putting together an order for the manuals.

Happy Holidays:thanku: has a massive selection of all sorts of manuals. I picked up an I&T reproduction manual for my Farmall for a fair deal a few years ago.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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