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need a wiring diagram/picture for 990

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does anyone have a source for a good wiring diagram or better yet a picture they could post?isomeone did a good job of cutting up the wiring when they took it out of my 990 project so i need to see from ignition,to magneeto,starter generator,voltage regulator etc.i do have the manual i downloaded from MTD but it is too vague.
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thank you Solution thats much better than the manual i have,im going to have to download it also,so i can print it and get it in sleeves in a binder with my other one.Glen and Mich,i had 4 other 990's and one of the 12 inch wheel gear driven ones but i sold them all.i didnt have any until i picked this one up.kind of like our other 990 buddy ole Stony i got to tinkering with my other brands and got sidetracked.wonder how Stony is doing,i havent seen him on here in a while.think i will shoot him a pm.
Glen,i got an error message from the link.
thanks Glen,its working now.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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