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Need a parts picture of the rear brake.

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I have a Craftsman 917.270721.
The Brake wont work.
I dont have a way to operate the pedal and look at the parts at the same time.

If you have a 'photo' or 'drawing' of that rear brake I'd sure like to see it.

My Brake assembly is full of grass, I'll work at it till this evening, then check back here.
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Thanks for the Link.
The problem is right at the Disc. The linkeage moves OK, down to the part that is cam'd into the Disc.
That part either isn't moving far enough, Or...the Pad is gone from the unit and nothing is touching the disc.

The Drawings are not clear enough. I'll have to take it down out of the tractor.
Too Cold now to fool with that stuff. Maybe tomorrow....
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I got it finally.
The brake pedal moves a "Cam" which pushes two Studs into the Brake pad.
Both Studs were frozen solid in the Disc brake caliper.
Common problem, There is a back plate that the two studs push on the brake pads. The pads are cheep, If you take it apart you may want to think of replaceing them.

Brakes are GOOD.
This is a new tractor. I think it might be a Hurricane Survivor.
I got it because it had too many issues, including a torn up Spindle in the Deck.
This sure is a Smooth well behaved tractor though.
It's a 917.270721

Just to day, going up a hill using Low throttle, it 'dropped out of propulsion' a few times.
I have to work on that next.
It does OK up that hill with full throttle. Not enough weight on the hind wheels, even with my bigassa sitting in place.
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