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Need a "new" tractor - GT5000 vs DGT6000

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Buying a new property too far from where I live to be trailering equipment back and forth. So looking to buy a good used machine that I can keep there. The selection of used equipment in western Washington isn't great. While it would be great to get a HD "classic" like a Case 123 or IH Cub 782 those are pretty much unobtanium around here. A restored Suburban might fit the bill but those too are in short supply.

One thing I'd like is to be able to use the hitch and rear blade from my old GT18. I came across this popular mechanics article, Comparison Test - 5 Garden Tractors which talks up the Craftsman 917.276380. I think this is the DGT6000 but don't know what year. Other web searching leads me to believe that the main difference between the DGT6000 and the GT5000 is the DGT uses a heavier gauge of metal for the frame.

An occasional DGT shows up on Craigslist and the GT5000 models are relatively common. They're also not so old as be be completely worn out. I need something that's ready to mow; already have enough projects.

Thoughts on these two and insights about what changed over the model years would be much appreciated. As well as comments on performance and reliability from people that have owned one.
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i liked the 1990 craftsman II gt i had but sold it (stupid move). but now i got 3 suburbans all with cast iron briggs. look at my signiture. they do alot. i have had tecs and onans in the past and i just like the briggs. my low budget income they fit it pretty well. only issue with them is carbs can be finiky at times. but overall i am happy alot of power yea not has much has a onan but pretty close in torque. i had a st16 yea the ohv 16hp tec was wore out but t didnt have no power lol. but back to carbs i just pulled out a bug that somehow got in the carb on one of mine other night the tractor been giving me fits about being hard to start for a couple weeks and finally i said lets see whats wrong and found it. now all 3 of mine have gas shutoff all the flo-jet carbs leak (drip gas) but has long has you shut off gas when ur not using them they are fine. so keep looking around until you find what you like. i like the cast iron briggs is all lol. parts are cheap and available
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