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Name that part

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I have a 1952 TO30 that is in pretty good shape mechanically. It only has a few minor issues that I am currently fixing. One problem I am having is some brake parts are missing. I have found most of what I need with the exception of one. I need the arm at the back of the tractor that the combination brake rod attaches to. I have the rod but its not currently hooked up since there is nothing to hook up to. I have found the front arm on several websites but not the back one. Is this the same part? If not what is the rear one called? Thanks for any into you can supply.
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Looks like you may be missing 4 pieces in all. Go to AGCOPartsBooks: AGCO Parts Books, and enter as a guest user. Type 30 in the model number, and select Massey Ferguson to the right. On the next page, scroll nearly to the bottom to find the TO-20 & TO-30 parts, and select that. Scroll down the next list to brakes, and select.

You can copy and paste those part numbers to a search engine. I have the best luck with Google. I did a quick search for the left side. Arm the rod attaches to seem to run $50 ea., and the other piece $20-$25. All parts I saw were used.

Hope this helps..!!
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I might have the part you need. PM sent.

This is the other part you need?Do you already have the shaft/rod that these pieces ride on?


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With no response I guess he didn't really need the parts?
I have the shaft that they sit on, so I only need the 2 other parts, thanks
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