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Thats a SAD picture Small Fry!..looks like a Suburban tractor murder scene!...and eerily much like MY yard at the moment,but I'm not scrapping anything just yet--I know the second I do,I'll need something off the parts tractors..

Looks like you have some deck mounts you should save on that blue frame
--the clutch idler & brackets are highly prized items as I'm sure you know too..

I think I'm going to put the SS-12 I got together someday,see if I can use the SS-16 clutch idler bracket thats welded to the battery tray on it ,instead of the style that bolted to the engine that its lacking--I have the whole setup off the SS-16 and the original idler for the SS-12..other than that not much is missing off the SS-12..has nice tires,actually its a shame it got the motor swiped off it for someone elses project,it should have been left alone..

I could even put the front half of the SS-16, on the rear half of the SS-12 so I could put my Onan on it,but I'm not feeling very ambitious yet--my back is still killing me from last weeks "beating" it took swapping the tranny into the Suburban 12 and putting one rear hub on the other one..(I could use another steel hub,the '67 looks goofy with one steel one and one cast iron one,hate to rob both off the tranny I pulled I wanted to fix and save,but I may have too)..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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