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My Tow Behind Trailer Resto....

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I created a posting/thread called "Picked This Up Today" awhile back about a tow behind trailer I bought locally for $20.00 I plan to show with my Craftsman.

I just wanted to give a little update on it for everyone.....

I brought the trailer to the car wash the other night on March 10th and power/pressure washed it, otherwise this is all I have done to it for now. More to come in this post/thread. I took these pictures below the next day on March 11th.

I do not know what make or model it is, there is a sticker but that is just a "caution" sticker. It looks how I should of expected it, MAYBE a bit worse upon further inspection but it's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit a elbow grease.

I was originally thinking of doing a throw-back and creating a Sears trailer with painting it all white and putting Sears stickers on it, but now I am thinking of painting it gloss black with white rims and putting modern Craftsman logos on it. It just looks too new to looks old, if that makes sense. Please give me your input to tell me what y'all think....

Well this is all for now, stay tuned.....
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This is all I got for now. More to come in the spring (or hopefully sooner) on sandblasting and painting the rims, putting on the new tires, and changing that hideous hitch....
Eric I recently made a couple of flag holders so I can see my trailer behind my truck. I cut a couple of pieces of metal electrical conduit, beat one end flat, and drilled 2 bolt holes in each. This would work perfectly for your flags.
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Hey Mark,

Lol, no I did not do it to tease you. I did it because I was done working on the trailer for the day and I put it in the garage because I didn't want it to get wet if it rained.

Both cars in the picture are my stepdads cars, him and I share that as an interest besides garden tractors, They are both 1967 Plymouth Fury II's, the lower line less trim and more affordable car of the Fury line-up. They are the "C" body platform from Chrysler. The turquoise one is a 520 stroker and a 15 year restoration, it originally started life as a slant 6 car with radio delete. The yellow one in the background is a 6 passenger station wagon currently with its tired original 318 small block engine, and 90% original paint. The plan is to swap in a 440

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Hey Eric...I don't know if you did it to tease us...but that picture has some really cool looking vintage car...more pictures of it ...please?...what is it?
Thanks Randy again thanks for tip, I'm gonna do that if nothin else I think of works. Right now I don't wanna ruin the trailer in anyway by drillin' holes or cuttin' it up just for flags if I don't have to. I'm thinkin' of doin' it southern style and puttin' some zip ties on and seein' if they hold it, but that will 95% not work so I will 95% go with your trick
Eric I recently made a couple of flag holders so I can see my trailer behind my truck. I cut a couple of pieces of metal electrical conduit, beat one end flat, and drilled 2 bolt holes in each. This would work perfectly for your flags.
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Hi everyone,

I'm back with an update on the trailer project. It was a pretty warm da about last week so I took advantage of it. The other night I hand compounded the front and one side of it twice and used Meguiars 105 compound on it, then hand polished the front and one side of it twice with Meguiars 205. I still have to do all the inside where all the junk is piled up in it and underneath but that will be the next warm day if we have one. All in all I think it came out pretty good but I wanna compound and polish it again but this time with my stepdad's D.A. polisher machine.

Before when I compounded and polished it below......
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After I compounded and polished it below, I think the front came out much better than the side......
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Here is what the polish pads look like below......
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Here is the stuff I used.....
Let me know if the links come up since they say "down for maintenance".

This is all for now on this project, more to hopefully come soon......
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Came out great mang! I told you early on it would be rewarding to do this yourself. Feels pretty good don't it? :D
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Hi Everybody,

Wooo man it's been a LONG time since I updated this post. Not really much of an update after 6 months posting my last post, as I unfortunately have not really worked on the trailer since. Only thing I did was try polishing the tailgate, but that did not really work so great, it just ate the compound and polish right up and it just does not really shine like I would like it to so I gotta maybe wet-sand it again then compound and polish it again. That is another project for another time though. I however got these 6 pumpkins to display with the hay at Michael's Craft store a couple days ago though, I think it will be a nice display with how I am envisioning it in my head......

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