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my suburban redo

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here are a few pics of my sears suburban that i picked up this summer. a little info about it:
i bought the tractor, 3 point hitch, front blade, rear blade, and manuals for 250 bucks. the tractor ran, but need some tlc.
i stripped it down to the frame, painted all the pieces with ppg base coat/clear coat (i do bodywork for a living), replaced brake pad, all new fuel lines and filter, plug, clutch spring upgrade, and countless other things! now i am in the process of assembly. all in all, it is turning out pretty good.
i did not paint the transaxle, because i am going to replace it. i will be painting the wheels this weekend.
i still have some work to do, but it is coming along nice. it does fire up and run good. i had the wheels on it and it does move. the clutch spring upgrade is nice!!
anyway, hope you all like this. this site is where i got all of my info for this tractor! before i bought this tractor, i didnt even know that sears made a tractor in the 1960's!!!(no lie).


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Looks great....
One of the best ever made tractors ....
Looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing it done.
Hi wolfie104, its looking good it'll be a good looking tractor when your done.
Nice work!! i can't wait to see it finished
Is that stainless hardware or painted?
Very Nice
You've done some excellent work.I love all the details,shiney new bolt heads,expert paint job,etc.All that stands out quite nicely.You should be very proud of it.Really looking forward to completed project.:congrats::congrats:
Beautiful paintwork on that frame.

Hope I can get mine looking that good one of these years!!:thThumbsU

Looks great. The detail is spectacular. I hope you didn't nick up that beautiful paint work on the raw cinder blocks.
Very nice, looks great!:fing32:
looks really good
One of the best ever made tractors ....
PLEASE don't say that... :lalala:
here she is with the wheels and tires back on her....


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Looks great!
That looks sweet! What color is it? or did I miss it in the original post?
Very nice work.
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