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My STX38 is Runnin

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Hi Guys I was the guy with the STX38 which I got for $90.00 that was missing the starter motor and a whole lot of other parts.
Well I got it all together today and fired it up and it ran great:00000033:

Let me give you a recap of what I had done !
I checked out the engine and tranny and both checked out to work fine

However when my attention turned to electrical I ran into a big problem, Since the switches were missing I do not know which wire:eg Connectors go onto which switch. I also noticed when shopping on ebay there were 2 types of switches used for the pto clutch . Mine (the one I got to replace the one that was missing) is a pull on push off with 5 connectors on it.
I also need to know what type of starter to use , From what I read about on MTF I'm pretty sure mine uses the solenoid-shift starter type.
But again like the starter switch , with the starter missing I don't know what wires go where.

I got a CD with all the wiring diagrams and everything checked out,
After replacing missing starter' Main drive belt/most of the mower pulleys/lift lever/ rear draft arms/ shift quadnent /wiring harness/ignition switch /pto switch got it all
together and tried it but nothing worked.

So next I went After getting another wiring harness to replace the original that turned out to be defective, It was not easy to replace! I put the starter switch and pto switch on to the connectors hooked everything up and tried it and no luck every thing was still dead, I tried the the MTF wiring relay fix and that was no help.:mad:
After talking to a couple of local mower repair shops I found out the ignition switch and pto switch were not the right ones :fing20: the ignition switch I was using was the one the STX had hanging on the wiring harness was not even a JD switch and the pto switch was from a black deck STX . Aperrently eBay sellers don't always give the right info on items sold:(

So this time I went right to my local JD Dealer and got the right switches and switch mounting plate, and once again I put it together tried it and IT WORKS!:thThumbsU.

Next was putting the mower deck on which took a little time and patients , After getting it installed I was finaly able to find out if the pto clutch was good and it was :trink40:.

And ironically my STX ran perfect and did not need the starter relay fix .

I have a few small items to ask you about but getting late so I'll post them later.

THANKS to all who helped especially to Brad the STX man:thanku:
Sorry this was so long but wanted to share my adventure with my first JD!
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Congratulations! Great job getting it running. :thThumbsU :trink39:
Wow! Job well done. We've been following your machine for a while now. Glad you got the machine up and running. This afternoon I'm going to post a tale about mine. Too long of a story for now.

Hey, how about a few pictures of that project?
Would love to post a few picks of my STX however I have not enbraced shooting digital , I have a few slides I shot of it ! I'll see about getting some of my slides scanned onto a CD but that won't be for a few weeks.

Congratulations! Great job getting it running. :thThumbsU :trink39:
So how much $$$$$$$$ in it now ??
thanks , around $300.00 !
I have not enbraced shooting digital
time to embrace it :thThumbsU

all you need is a 50$ camera to get great shots, no need for those 5M+ pixel versions for simple internet posts... 640px480p is perfect-

need help let me know- they very easy to use, to transfer pics etc. they act just like another disk drive! no special software is required. (in fact don't ever install the crappy software that comes with any digital camera for downloading!)
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Absolutely right, MXZRXP. Now, with the holidays heading our way, you'll probably see some cameras that will do just fine for this application in the less than $20 area.
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