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My Stepdads new toy (not tractor but for the farm and a lot of fun)

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Here is a pic of my step dads new toy- besides the three JD tractors and a JD 425 AWS, he added this to his shed for him and my mom to get around looking at the cattle. Its really nice. Thats what I call a Xmas present!


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Sweet and looks like a lot of fun. slkpk
Your definetly not in Kansas anymore. :)
Sweet and looks like a lot of fun. slkpk
Nice Ride!!:thThumbsU

Hmmm... wonder if those rims would fit my tractor?:sidelaugh:biglaugh:
That just looks fun! Did you get to take it out for a spin?
Yes took it for a spin. Could not believe the ride. It rides like a caddy. Plenty of power and pretty comfortable inside the cab. Only had 1 hour on it when I drove it. I will canvasing the entire 500 acres when I get out next time.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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