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My Sears Mower in Peace and War

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..It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin! My 1996 Sears mower is extremely well used and maybe abused BUT it keeps on going year after year with only one minor repair that I can remember! It should be worn to a frazzle by now.

I am on 2 1/4 acres of which the green acre and a quarter or so come under it's spinning blades and even the gravel driveway gets "mowed" in winter. I get irrigation water- I keep rainbirds and sprinklers going somewhere on the property from 2 am til 3 pm every day. There are over 90 rainbirds that used to need maintenance (before I installed a better filter system last year). I use my Sears mower for a maintence vehicle. Starting in May you will find a sprinkler/PVC pipe maintenance kit sitting in a wire basket behind the seat. It seems I was aways on the go putting out a "maintenace fire" somewhere. I cut the grass at least once a week with it. I keep a sprayer on it . I keep a weed wacker on board. I keep a battery operated chain saw and prunners on board. My Sears trailer has 2" PVC pipe attached to the sides to keep rakes and pitch forks in.. There are a lot of trees and bushes to prune. In the late Fall the DR lawn vacuum is attached to collect the fallen leaves and tons of pine needles where ever they land. Even the gravel driveway is vacuumed IF the gravel is damp enough.

A landscape maintence man brings me pick-up load after pick-up load of pine needles that are dumped on the ground and I run the Sears mower over them to cut them up a little and then I suck them up with the lawn vac. A good 10 cubic yards at least.

I drive it off property to the main road mail boxes and the other way to the irrigation water box.

The grand kids give it a good work out when they come. Besides them running all over the property with it- I use it to tow them on an inner tube on the pond.

It even goes to War! See photos.

I should add that I will buy another Sears when the time comes.


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Beautiful place, im sweatin just lookin at it lol.
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