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Nice tractor MS,how did you make out-get it to go in reverse?
I been foolin with it I broke the belt an when I put the new one on I couldnt get it to go in reverse. I finally tore into it an some reason the linkage was not allowing it to go in to reverse. GOT IT
LOL I'm learmin.
:fing32: Well good to hear you are up and running.
Nice tractor, not many like that around, (gold color hydros). Looks like the one chain was loose and caught the fender. Nice shape for the year.
thats a fine lookin work horse ya got there!!
It has a 16hp onan in it. was thinking of removing the engine to clean it up an see wheer she is leaking oil. Not to sure i want to get into that just yet. I'm considering using a spray on degreaser an rinse it off. I've never used any of the stuff they sale for oil leaks used as a additive what do you think, It appears to be a slow leaker.
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I wouldn't use additive stop leak. I think that can prevent oil from getting into places it should.

I like the spray on degreaser. the trick is to really leave it on there to soak for at least 5 min. 10 is better.

I bet it's just a weak gasket. CPV maybe?

Awesome machine.
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That looks like a nice beast of a tractor.
Nice tractor..I vote to let her leak a little--oily tractors dont RUST!..:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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