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My possible choices for tractor, your thoughts pls

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I have 2 acres, small garden and about 200 feet of driveway.

I'm going to post this in a couple of cross threads (hope I'm allowed)
After looking around it seem.....TODAY... lol that this is what I am thinking about.
No particular order as they all are priced pretty close, but no one has given me hard numbers yet. They say we can talk about them and there is some room for negotiating. Price will have to come into it for me at some point.

BTW. I haven't really liked any of the dealers just yet. I'm trying new ones on Monday lol. So no value there yet

1. JD 1025R
A) 60 7 iron deck Kit with mulch kit. (wish I could find more info on the results of the mulch) Don't think I want the auto connect as it will only come off one or two times a year so hoping for some cost savings there.

Is there anything I need to add or be careful of or things that are better right from the factor than add on later.. i.e.., hidden charges, etc hook ups. Things you would do differently or questions I should ask to make sure they compare apples to apples.

2. Simplicity Legacy XL Diesel. (used 65 hrs)
A) New 60 inch deck with mulch
B) FEL with rear weight box
C) 50 Inch tiller

3. Kubota 2370
A) 60 Inch deck
B) Quick Hitch 50" Snow blower

*still have See JD and Kubota on Monday and will reconfigure the Kubota to be similar as the JD*

My thoughts:

All Mower deck sizes are the same (60)
All are 4x4
All are diesel.
Kubota is not the same HP.. 23 vs 25. Ill have to check the difference in cost
Both JD/K are larger build than Simplicity.
Simplicity has the nicest cut (that I can find)
Simplicity has more nice complete package
Simplicity is used, and I can't see it and to get it to the house will cost a bit more.
There are not as many simplicity dealers etc if I need repairs as JD/K

Like to hear your thoughts.
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Why did this require starting a new thread? :dunno:

Just askin'.....
Im going to go with the FEL.
Sarge.. what do you suggest then. Don't say a lawn tractor please because I already have a nice one. It just a takes forever to cut the lawn, its getting beaten up. (read earlier posts)
Would this work for ya? :rolleyes:

In all seriousness, I think you're making this harder than it needs to be. If quality of cut is most important, and you have indicated that it is, and you REALLY want (I'm not convinced that you NEED) an FEL, then buy a Legacy and be done.

Getting a CUT to mow your yard will tear the **** out of it and quite frankly, be cumbersome compared to a Legacy. I've always believed you were a Broadmoor (top trim)/Conquest/Prestige customer since they can accommodate a front bucket (probably all you would ever need if you're honest to yourself) and snowblower....your two primary requirements.

I think you should at least acknowledge that a 10 gauge welded frame with either a K62, K66, K72 (respectively) with limited slip/locking rear end and fabricated heavy gauge mower deck is probably all that you would ever need for your whole 2 acres. I also think that the FEL is something you likely won't use nearly as much as you think. My dad's neighbor has a John Deere SCUT and never uses the FEL he bought.....but he's quick to let you know he has one! :rolleyes: For the times that you may need it, it may be cheaper to rent an FEL than to buy and store it as mentioned by others.

Not sure how I, or anyone else can help you at this point. I think you have been given your answer by many (to go with Conquest/Prestige), but you don't seem open to that idea because your wimpy Regent got tore up (hey man, I have a I'm not bashing) and now you think you need a war tank to mow some grass and push some snow.

You may want to just take a break from researching for a few weeks and revisit this later with a fresh head and a clear perspective. Your perspective may change. My advice: The next time you're on your Regent, ask yourself honestly "I know I need more than what I have, but how much more unit do I truly need to handle essential tasks around the house?? Good luck!:fing32:
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Platinum, it seems you and I have reached the same conclusion.

You are absolutely right. I think I need to figure out just HOW MUCH I NEED? Thats the real question isn't it? Before you know it you can spend a lot of money and have a huge tractor which you don't need.

I have my demos tomorrow and will probably provide some feedback on what this all means to me.

Your also right on the Regent lol. It's just that I can't see physically any simplicity mowers where I live to to answer the question of whether or not a conquest, prestige etc.. will meet my needs and last a long time :(

I have my demos tomorrow and will be able to hopefully answer a few more lingering questions, but after that it's time to let it all sit in and reevaluate.

Thanks all for being so patient and providing your thoughts.
Picking out the right Simplicity unit gets easy at this point. If you pass on the Legacy (more unit than you need IMHO), then you're left with Broadmoor, Conquest, or Prestige. You know you're gonna need a fabricated deck and that is available on each of these lines. They all have the same chassis so really you just need to decide how heavy duty of a transaxle you need (I think they would all be fine for you probably), whether you want a limited slip or full locking rear end, and then choose creature comforts like hydro lift, etc. if you value those types of conveniences. They all use pretty much the same attachments.

What do you think?:dunno:

Although, I would go for the 52" fab, deck. That set up is available for Broadmoor/Conquest also. Choose what features you want and buy accordingly. :fing32:
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