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My official LT12 Rebuild/Repaint Thread

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Well, today I'm gonna start. After a squealing bearing drove me nuts last night I started to tear it down to get the bearing out. Well, it looks like to get the bearing out I need to split the frame. Well, um, okay then. Somebody kinda high when they designed that or what?? But whatever, she needs it anyway. So even if there an easier way to get the darn bearings out it's gonna get painted anyway.

It's current state:

The bearing housing:

Gonna need some moral help here guys! Never painted a whole tractor before, but we'll see how this goes...

I do need some new hubs. I know that 89YT12 had to cut his off, and his wasn't as rusty as mine. I just need at least 1, I can get the rest fabbed up locally. I'm gonna need another set anyway, cuz I plan to do the same thing to my LT16 sometime down the road.
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Well, I'm off! :congrats:

I tore the thing down quite a ways today, she's pretty much just frame and wheels.

Down to the frame!

The 1254 is now serving as cart puller for now,

Even took some paint off!

I got these done today, tomorrow I'll do the seat pan. That'll have me sore!

And I even put a coat of primer on to boot!

Now, I only did the undersides, or faces that won't show. My hood that I painted has a bit of a sandy feel wherever I used primer. I eve did a test on an area with and an area without primer. The area without came out nice and smooth. What do I do to remedy this?
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Looking great GTN! Not much help but love a good resto. Best of luck on it :)
Thanks Mikey!
Nice little tractor! Cant wait to see it finished!.
Yep, me too! Hopefully will be soon, there ain't much to this thing.
Got some stuff pulled off yesterday and wire brushed. I primed them today, even sprayed some red! There's rustoleum paint on sale at Menard's for 2 bucks a can that's supposed to have primer mixed in. Is this stuff any good?

Very happy to be done with the seat pan! :fing32: The second biggest part on the tractor. There's the frame channels I guess, those are going to take some time.

Also, I need the rear hubs! Badly!! I'm pretty sure I have to cut 'em off. So, if you have 2 (4 would be better) PM me.

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I got a TON done today! I finished painting the seat pan, bottom fender piece, driveshaft, couplers, shift pattern, center saddle cover, lower dash, and parking brake lever. I also cut a hub off and it went pretty good, I'm not happy that I had to, but it was the only way the thing would come off. I'm going to have 4 more made at a local welding shop, hopefully they'll be cheaper than the OEM part. 50 BUCKS ON PARTSTREE!! :swow: For 1 stupid hub!! Never gonna pay that much!

Also went to Menard's today and got some self-etching primer and more paint. They didn't have Regal Red in the sale items though :madpc:
What the heck, what're ya gonna do? So I just bought some of everything.


Got my ammo box toolbox off to work on tranny internals:

I need your opinion, should I leave my ammo box with the "homemade" look or paint it the same?

The shop when I was all done:
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I also found this while I was playing with the brake drum, thinking about what to tear off next:
Well, yesterday I got quite a bit tore off. I didn't bring my camera out so I don't have any pics. I took off the running boards, lift rod, 2 frame supports, and the bearing housing that started this whole thing. I think that's all for yesterday. Today I cleaned a bit in the shop and tore apart the dash. There were a couple of busted off bolts that I took out. I had to take out the steering mechanism also. Just a bunch of putzy stuff. I did prime a few parts. I also found out that I got the wrong thread size wire wheel for my grinder :banghead3
The wires are now about a 1/4 inch long. I REALLY need a new wheel!
Well, I brought the hub that I cut off to a local farmer/machinist to see if he could make some new ones. He said he could definitely do it cheaper than OEM, but it'll still be a bit high. I think I'll give him a call today and see what he would want. I know that he's an honest guy, known him for about 6 years, I don't think he'll highball me.

Still need an opinion on the toolbox guys! Like I said, I'm on the fence about it.
Hello. That AMMO tool would look cool painted flat black with some military jargon stenciled on to it or just stencil on some Snapper info such as the Model #, oil capacity, belt #. The flat black would compliment the other black components on the Snapper already but still retain that military look. Stencil colors could be yellow, orange, dull white. Do use a Military font if you go this route.

Ya know, I never thought of flat black, but I kind of like it! I'm thinking of doing flat black with white lettering, we'll see how that looks. Thanks!
Ok, just got off the phone with the machinist. He said he could do the 4 hubs for $35 a piece, maybe better because I am getting 4 and there's no rush. This is getting to be a bit more spendy than I wanted, but oh well. It's a wonderful machine and I love it! But I already have more than it's worth into it...

$45 for machine
$110 for rear tire
$90 for starter
$90 for new front tires
Probably close to $50 in paint/primer
Approx. $30 in misc odds n ends/oil
2 new hubs, $70
New bearings will probably be around 7 bucks a piece
Have to get slime for other rear tire ???

Everything I've put into this is probably close to $520, waay too much in my book but it's all water under the bridge now :D
Plus, after this resto, it'll last me another 20+ years.

I have finally found out where all my money is going! :trink40: :hide:

Then there's the OTHER Snapper that'll get redone as well :sidelaugh
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Hello. IMO Slime unless it is the newer formula will rust out the rims from the inside. I usually just put a tube inside the offending tire and get going. BTW there are tubes out there that have Slime already inside the tube. Using a tube with Slime inside would not rust out the rim.

I found this stuff, says it won't rust out a rim.
Frequently Asked Questions | Flat Free Tire Sealant ? Flat Tire Prevention With Our Revolutionary Tire Sealant
I looked it up on amazon: : Flat Free 45007 Tire Sealant Bottle, 32-Ounce : Lawn Mower Tires : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Going to parts city today, I'll see if they have some there.

Well, yesterday was a great day for me, I got the rest apart! I found that I could drop the gearbox/axle straight down instead of pulling it through. That saves me an axle hub. Now it's not a totally complete job, but good enough for me. Plus, nobody looks in there anyway. I'll just clean off the grease and sand down what I can and give 'er a shot of paint. It's not like sheet metal or anything.

Where'd my tractor go?!?

I am a bit intimidated on how many bolts I have to remember where they went

I did find a wire wheel for a power drill and used that to grind paint and rust off of one rear tire

The shop when I called 'er quits:

I have a wire wheel for our big Milwaukee grinder, and I will do most of the frame rails and big pieces with that, but I'm really hoping that Parts City will have a small one for the Makita.
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Today I got one frame channel ground down and primed, and also the running boards. Not a ton, but a good chunk in my book. Tomorrow they'll get painted red!

I went to Parts City today and picked up some slime. I asked the guy about being corrosive, he said it's not, but it might retain moisture if there's any in the tire. that's good to know, I'll just drain whatever's in there. I didn't get a wire wheel, but I got an adapter for the one I got at Menard's. Then the bearings. He went to the back and got 2 bearings, rang up my slime and bearings and goes, "your total is $55.17" What?!?! Slime was 10, what are the bearings? $21 a piece. 21 BUCKS FOR A STINKIN' BEARING!! :Stop: Umm, okay then I'll just be taking the slime. Partstree has 'em for $6, I think I'll go with partstree...
So I gave into the temptation of painting some RED, and painted the undersides of the parts that I primed. I also found a new and easier way to grind small parts. That wire wheel for the power drill, well I chucked 'er up in the drill press and put a pair of welding gloves on. 15 parts, done. I got 'em drying as I type, and hopefully I'll get a chance before work tomorrow I can hit them with another coat of primer and be painting when I'm done. The frame rail looks awesome! I absolutely LOVE painting red, gives me so much pleasure to know that I'm making something old and rusty look new again. I'll hopefully post pics tomorrow.
Hmm, I guess I don't have any pics of the latest batch of painted parts, but I will. I now have both running boards, 1 frame rail, 1 wheel, and a bunch of little internal parts painted. It looks like that's all that's gonna get painted this week, as it's supposed to be a chilly week in the upper 40's and lower 50's. Not ideal for painting. I will hopefully get the tranny assy. cleaned and ground to get ready for painting. And hopefully I'll get a nice day to grind and prime my other frame rail.

Okay, after looking, I found that I DO have some pics of current small parts, but the frame rail and running boards are now on the trailer with both sides painted with 2 coats of beautiful red paint! And they turned out GREAT! Nice and smooth.

This is with the Krylon paint. Looks better on the picture. I have since replaced it with some Rustoleum that looks MUCH better

Bunch of parts I ground with the drill press:

These were only painted on one side at that time:

Ok, THIS one is with a coat on the other side. I'm finding pics I didn't know I took, lol
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Looking awesome GTN! That will be one nice machine. Will it be hitting the shows after you are done?
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