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My newest old tractor

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I posted about this tractor back during cold weather when I saw it on CL. Well the price dropped so I had to go for it. I got it from a very fine gentleman in New Hampshire. It turns out to be a 1952 Baird Beaver. It starts easily and runs very well. Has a solid rear axle but built into the HUBS is a sort of differential to aid in turning. It has a Wisconsin AKN (6HP) and seems quite overpowered. Came with a bottom plow, cultivator and front blade. The pulling power is pretty amazing. Wheelbase is 6 or 8 inches longer than my old sears suburban tractors. It is one speed forward and has reverse, all run by the right side foot pedal. stomp it into gear and hold on tight. The implement lift works for both the front and rear attachments. It's a blast to drive around, the tiller steering makes it really easy to manuever. The throttle shaft is worn very badly (about .040" play, no kidding) indicating mucho hours but no smoke or knocks. Just starting to learn about this one but not much to go wrong. Seems very complete Some parts removed in these following pics as I was checking it out. Here it is: Rick

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Great score! That little monster is built like a tank.

I have never seen one or even heard of one before, so I can offer no help or information at all.

I just am as curious as a cat and look forward to some more pics, hopefully some in action.

Thanks for sharing this fine little machine with us.
very cool
Very cool, keep us posted as the project progresses.
YEP thats definatly this side of coolness :)
Thanks everyone, been having lots of fun with it.
Changed the engine oil twice already, it was really black. WOuld like to get it top shape so it can earn it's keep around here. Too late this year for plowing but gotta find something for it to do. Ordered new belts and plan on changing trans oil today. Never had a Wisconsin before but I'm becoming a fast fan. Gotta figure out what to do wth the throttle shaft as it's having a slight effect on the govener's operation, causing sticking/lag cuz it's so out of round. Seat is cracked around the bolt hole so will try and weld it, if not then have to replace it. I'll try and get some action pics once it's set straight. Rick
Looking forward to your action pics and a great find. slkpk
you got a real gem there--back when there was some pride in the workmanship and ingenuity to go alon w/ it...:wwp:
Very unique build. Looks pretty stout to say the least.
Nice little machine.:thThumbsU
Be carefull... They can be a beast to drive...
Be carefull... They can be a beast to drive...
Good advice, I'll be careful. It's a lot different from other GT's I've been on. Things can go wrong in a hurry. Feels like it would climb a wall. And you sit quite low with your legs way out the front. Easy to fall off the side, no brakes, the throttle is out of sight and hard to get to quickly. Can't even reach the kill swith from the seat. Add all it up and it equals dangerous. Rick
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