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My newest 16G

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I got this in an auction. Ity is from my county's school system grounds department. All their Gravelys - 14Gs and 16Gs - have been replaced with Kubotas. These tractors have been used but maintained with an in-house PM program. Cosmetically, they all look rough. This one is more dirty than faded, but there is surface rust. The foot rests are mildly pitted in places - fertilizer and/or ice melt is my guess. Mechanically, it is pretty good shape, although out of adjustment. The gear selection and PTO linkages are stiff. On visual inspection, the joints in the linkage is all pretty dry. Like they left this one in one gear and never changed it.

The clutches both look pretty good. The PTO has a proper amount of free play and engages and disengages smoothly, even with the stiff linkage. The engine sounds sweet to me. Smooth, eager to start, and quiet. I suspect it needs a carb adjustment as it won't idle.

It needs a seat, new tires, and some paint touch-ups.

I am not sure about other issues as I have not gone over the tractor much other than superficially. I need to move some other machines around so as to get it out of the storage area and into the shed to work on it.

Here are some images and a short video.


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Congrats, Mikey! It looks like you picked up a nice tractor. It looks good, and sounded good in the vid too. At 505 hrs it's just broken in.Good luck with it!
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