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My new tractor

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Just picked up a Wheel Horse 416-8. 234 hours, 48" deck. Runs nice. My first Onan engine. All the others where Kohler. The guy spent a few hours cleaning and waxing this thing, but it looks good.
Any advice as to what kind of maintenance I should do would be appriciated. I am going to change the oil and filter and put a new deck belt and drive belt on. As well as a new fuel filter.

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WOW! That's in really good condition. Good luck with it!
That is a real winner! Keep it out of the weather if at all possible.
Just check your fluids, belts and blades regularly. Clean underside
of the deck each time you cut grass and grease all grease zirks
each week of use. It will all last a lifetime.
Good find if I had it she would be on blocks washed and waxed every day and never cut grass
Thanks guys.

oldandred, I will keep it clean and looking good, but I bought this horse to work. That is what they were built for.
Good man "Wheel Horsin Around"! Ya have to work these horses to keep them in good shape.

You know, I never thought I'd own a Wheel Horse and then one day I did. It is a great feeling to own something that so many people cherish. I now know why so many fellow MTF guy's appreciate a really well built tractor.
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Real nice! It's still got the knob on the mule drive. Nice enough to drive to church.
She is a real beauty. Nice find with such low hours too!
sweet, sweet, tractor!
That Horse really looks good I know you will enjoy it.
Nice Tractor! I would just check those belts, with only 234 hours I doubt those belts ae any where near the end of thier life expentency. TORO belts are expensive but they are designed to last. Also one other word of caution the deck belt covers are a pain to get them to stay on after removing them. Loctite or nylock nuts are is a must when reinstalling the cover. Grease the spindles.
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Great Looking tractor. Congratulations.
Sweet and enjoy it. slkpk
Nice looking Horse!
WOW! nice looking machine. I'm sure that it will do all that you ask.
Thanks guys. I am sure I will enjoy it. Need to work on some attachements next. I just ordered some new belts, oil filter and other maintenance stuff. working on some new AG tires and going to build a mulcher kit or plate.
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