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My New to me SS16

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Hi all i'm new to the forum, been reading it for awhile tho, I just got this ss16 with the 3 point hitch, disc, plow, dozer blade, spike harrow and chain drag for 275.00. The guy i got it from was using a gas can for a gas tank. Any one got an idea for a gas tank, i havent been able to find one. lso i need to make a exhaust system its missing the muffler just has the 2 pipes. Other then that it needs a little work but it does run good.
I am not looking to restore it, we have a small farm and it is going to be used for work. Any help or ideas would be most welcome as i dont know nothing about the SS16 Twin.

Here is some pictures of what i have.


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Why can't I find a deal like that????
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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