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My new (to me) JD 650

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Hello guys,
Thought I'd post a few pic's of my 650. It has just over 2300 hours, starts and runs very well. I also got a 261 finish mower with the tractor. I purchased it for mowing and snow removal.
The only issue is that it needs a clutch. I have a strong mechanical background (My other hobby is building Street Rods & Custom cars), and a well equipped shop, however I've never "split" a tractor before. Watched a few videos on-line and read a few posts, just wondering if any of you have any words of advice from past experience? Also ant advice on a snow blower?
Looking forward to learning more about this little tractor.
Thanks much in advance!


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Good work on the 650. Glad it went without too much of a problem.
Nice Chevy too. My dad had a '59 Apache.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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