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My "New" 1961 Chevy Apache

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Hey everyone, since I can't find a decent car/truck forum, I figured I'd just post on the trusty old tractor forum about my new project- a 1961 Chevrolet Apache C-10 LWB Stepside! For more information on my project, you can go to my blog!

I'll be going to pick up my truck Saturday! It's got 49,000 original documented miles and all he wants for it is $2500! So I'm happy. Thanks in advance for all the help! I'm sure I'll be needing it soon when I bring the truck home and open that can of worms. :)
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The clutch wont engauge ,meaning you put it in gear and let out the clutch and it does not move??...clutch disc might be rusted to the splines on the tranny input shaft or stuck to the flywheel,you can look up in there after removing the dust cover on the bottom of the can spray some WD-40 on the shaft but dont flood the disc with any more of it than you have too,as that can cause slippage or make it grabby..

It should be easy to see the linkage from the pedal to the fork that goes into the bellhousing..have someone push the clutch in and watch it,see if it moves the fork in the bellhousing..

I had a '72 K5 Blazer that had a clutch fork that liked to pop off the ball stud inside the bell housing,all it needed was a new spring clip that only a dealer had,for a few bucks....putting the fork in without removing the bellhousing wasn't fun,but its possible to do it on the cast iron bellhousings...(which yours should be)..

I love the styling of the '61 Chevy those big bushy eyebrows !..
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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