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My "New" 1961 Chevy Apache

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Hey everyone, since I can't find a decent car/truck forum, I figured I'd just post on the trusty old tractor forum about my new project- a 1961 Chevrolet Apache C-10 LWB Stepside! For more information on my project, you can go to my blog!

I'll be going to pick up my truck Saturday! It's got 49,000 original documented miles and all he wants for it is $2500! So I'm happy. Thanks in advance for all the help! I'm sure I'll be needing it soon when I bring the truck home and open that can of worms. :)
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Looks like a great project. Nice shape. Should be easy to get running. Straight six with 1 barrel carb. Hopefully king pins aren't froze up. No big thig if they are jus have to heat them up and get the wheels truning. Good luck. :thThumbsU
Looks like a great project ruck. Almost to good to be true. 49,000 miles is a great find. As for the clutch. It may be as simple as the throwout bearing or the master cylinder may be dry. Check to see if it has fluid. Brakes? I would if it were mine get it to a local brake shop, most of them offer free brake inspection. With that you get them taking the wheels off and the drums. Them you don't have to beat them to get them off the truck. Then you will know what it will cost with labor and see if it is a job you want to do. Have fun with it and enjoy. I will watch your progress. Good luck.:thThumbsU
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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