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That truck reminds me of the65 C20 3/4 ton truck my brother bought in 79 or 80. It was a "barn" find truck. Was stored in a barn with only 20k on it. Six cylinder with 4 speed trans. Farmer pulled it out of the barn with his tractor and pulled it down the road to get it started. About a 2 foot long tube of junk came out of the tailpipe and fired right up. My brother asked how much he wanted for it and his reply was.....get this......$50 what he had in new tires on the rear!!! We filled the tank wih new gas and he drove it home(about 25 miles). He drove that truck for about 10 years. Replaced box with flatbed when the floor rotted out from sitting so long and repainted it Grabber Blue. It was a "good ole" truck and we still laugh about to this day. Good luck on the restore of your truck. :thThumbsU
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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