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My "New" 1961 Chevy Apache

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Hey everyone, since I can't find a decent car/truck forum, I figured I'd just post on the trusty old tractor forum about my new project- a 1961 Chevrolet Apache C-10 LWB Stepside! For more information on my project, you can go to my blog!

I'll be going to pick up my truck Saturday! It's got 49,000 original documented miles and all he wants for it is $2500! So I'm happy. Thanks in advance for all the help! I'm sure I'll be needing it soon when I bring the truck home and open that can of worms. :)
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Looks like a great project. Nice shape. Should be easy to get running. Straight six with 1 barrel carb. Hopefully king pins aren't froze up. No big thig if they are jus have to heat them up and get the wheels truning. Good luck. :thThumbsU
Well, it was moved a month a go, and the seller claimed it was running good then, so I don't think it'll be too hard at all!
Sweet ride, congrats:fing32:
Quite a few of us tractor nuts, have street rods ,classic trucks,restored antique vehicles..Your truck looks like a neat project,,, You will soon be hauling garden tractors and spare parts in your chevy.:thThumbsU
Great find! Take care of that engine and it will last forever.
congrats truck looks good my dad had a 62
I have a question that maybe someone can answer. When I went to go see it a few weeks ago, the clutch didn't engage at all. The only resistance it gave was from the return spring. Anyone got a linkage diagram I can check out or advice on what I need to do to see if it's a clutch or linkage issue?
The clutch wont engauge ,meaning you put it in gear and let out the clutch and it does not move??...clutch disc might be rusted to the splines on the tranny input shaft or stuck to the flywheel,you can look up in there after removing the dust cover on the bottom of the can spray some WD-40 on the shaft but dont flood the disc with any more of it than you have too,as that can cause slippage or make it grabby..

It should be easy to see the linkage from the pedal to the fork that goes into the bellhousing..have someone push the clutch in and watch it,see if it moves the fork in the bellhousing..

I had a '72 K5 Blazer that had a clutch fork that liked to pop off the ball stud inside the bell housing,all it needed was a new spring clip that only a dealer had,for a few bucks....putting the fork in without removing the bellhousing wasn't fun,but its possible to do it on the cast iron bellhousings...(which yours should be)..

I love the styling of the '61 Chevy those big bushy eyebrows !..
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Good lick!! Another good point is that on the older Chevy trucks with six cyl.--you can climb over in the eng.compartment,if you can't reach something.I had a 76 blazer w/inline six,had enough room for a party in there.:trink40:
I'll be following along with you--good luck!!:fing32:

I brought her home yesterday! I just now had a chance to compose a new post. She's going to be a nice one to restore! I'm very excited. You'll find the new post at this site:

I got it running, but neither the clutch nor the brakes work and both are hydraulic. Anyone have any advice on this issue? Should I bleed the brakes and clutch, rebuild the master cyllindar, or replace it? Thanks fo the help!
So when the trucks running and you put it in gear and let the clutch out, nothing happens right? The clutch might be stuck due from sitting and rusting. This has happened to our scout before. Jack the rear up and start the truck in gear. Get the rpm's up and have someone drop the jack. When the tires hit the ground, that should be enough force the free the clutch.
Looks like a great project ruck. Almost to good to be true. 49,000 miles is a great find. As for the clutch. It may be as simple as the throwout bearing or the master cylinder may be dry. Check to see if it has fluid. Brakes? I would if it were mine get it to a local brake shop, most of them offer free brake inspection. With that you get them taking the wheels off and the drums. Them you don't have to beat them to get them off the truck. Then you will know what it will cost with labor and see if it is a job you want to do. Have fun with it and enjoy. I will watch your progress. Good luck.:thThumbsU
Congrats on the find; nice truck. Good to see it has the large back window; most had the small window. As to the clutch, I would suggest replacement of both the master and slave cyl. Brakes need a full rebuild, NAPA will have the parts. Please keep us updated with pictures. Again, great find
That truck reminds me of the65 C20 3/4 ton truck my brother bought in 79 or 80. It was a "barn" find truck. Was stored in a barn with only 20k on it. Six cylinder with 4 speed trans. Farmer pulled it out of the barn with his tractor and pulled it down the road to get it started. About a 2 foot long tube of junk came out of the tailpipe and fired right up. My brother asked how much he wanted for it and his reply was.....get this......$50 what he had in new tires on the rear!!! We filled the tank wih new gas and he drove it home(about 25 miles). He drove that truck for about 10 years. Replaced box with flatbed when the floor rotted out from sitting so long and repainted it Grabber Blue. It was a "good ole" truck and we still laugh about to this day. Good luck on the restore of your truck. :thThumbsU
Thanks for the tips, guys! I will definitely re-build the brakes and clutch eventually, but for now, I think a good bleeding is all they needed! I almost have it driving, but the passenger side rear brake is locked, keeping it from moving. I jacked up the rear and got up to 45MPH! ;) My next plan is to take that rear wheel off and see what's going on there. I might have it yard driving this weekend!
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