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My new 17p Cart & 2305 photo

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OK, no big deal, but I have pictures!

I bought the 17p because I didn't feel there was enough advantage over a few wheelbarrows worth of material with the 10p. It cost $396cdn. Expensive, yes, but I'll have it forever. This picture was taken just after moving 13 cu. ft. of stone dust. Now that's HEAVY :eek:

While I was there, I saw this beauty. :fing32: I've been siiting on the proverbial X700 v.s. 2305 fence for awhile, and have been leaning far over to the 2305. With the new 1000 series coming in a few weeks, it is really hard to pull the trigger on this. A package deal with FEL and hoe and brush guard for ~$19Kcdn. Normally I'd be looking at $21Kcdn.

No, M-U-S-T... W-A-I-T... arrrgghht:praying:


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Congrats on the new tractor. The cart is nice too.
Very nice. slkpk
Congrats on the new tractor.
Sorry, the LA130 was bought in 2007. The 2305 is pending in near future.

Thanks anyway.
Sorry, the LA130 was bought in 2007. The 2305 is pending in near future.

Thanks anyway.
I meant the 2305, the LA130 is pretty nice as well.
They're both pretty nice! It's great to have your mid-life crisis in the John Deere store!!!
Sweetness! You weren't kidding! That machine looks great!

Maybe in a few years I'll be able to do the same! But for now I'll have to stick with the LA130. This is our first home, so there's a lot of new expenses, Reno's, furniture etc.

Some day down the road I'm thinking I want to upgrade my truck to a Diesel Dodge Ram 2500... I may have to choose between the truck or the Tractor :fing20:

Let us know if you end up getting one, and enjoy your new cart!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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