I am having to sell my entire Lawn Buy collection. Even some mowers I said I would never sell, but the time has come.
My Lawn Boy Loafer has been completely rebuilt. I sent the loafer motor to lbuser (Scott) in Ca for him to go through. As you would expect, it now runs perfectly, just like the motor on the mower deck. I also have the sulky wheels for the loafer. l honestly don't know what is a fair price for this unit. I picked $1200. Is that high or low, I don't know.I do know just to have the seat cover remade was $200. Make me an offer, or please suggest what you think would be a fair price for both seller and buyer.
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My 6250 also runs very well. All of my "better" mowers were media blasted before painting. Again, I really have no idea where to set the price. $400 ????

Tire Lawn mower Wheel Automotive tire Mower

I also have a 5006 Bricktop. $300 ???

Lawn mower Tire Mower Plant Walk-behind mower

And of
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course I still have other Lawn Boys. The 8243AE electric start now has a pull start added to it.
I have more, including a self propelled commercial mower with blade brake. Almost exerything new on it. I probably have more $ tied up in this mower than any other. I don't remember the model # right now.
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And I have more in storage, I just don't remember what all there is. Make me an offer on any of these units, but please be careful, because you will probably own it. The rebuild on these mowers is 3 - 5 years old. Some of them have been used once or maybe even twice. They are NOT fresh off the show room floor anymore. I have 2 snow blowers. I still have a large assortment of new and used parts, including entire motors. Message me with any comments or questions.

Thanks Greg