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My Ht23 is smoking

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Last week I noticed my baby started smoking. Smoking is not allowed in my house, so I called the Kohler doctor. He wants $30-$90 to find out why she started in the first place. Any thoughts?
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I think it wants to be sold to me. LOL Does it do it all the while it is running or just on start up and is the oil level decreasing on the dip stick?
Black smoke or white smoke?

It's oil for sure. It used to be a little "puff" when I started it cold, but I thought nothing of it. Now it's doing it all of the time; just a little, but you can smell and see it. I haven't noticed a difference in the oil level since it started because I'm trying not to run it.
try spraying acouple oz,s pb blaster in the cyl,s let set a few days .might be your rings are set up.that will brake down some of the deposits. it helps my engines.
There is all kinds of additives to try in the gas but it may be time for a complete overhaul. You may just as well run is because chances are it won't get any better bu not doing so.
a leak down test will tell you what is going on
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