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Discussion Starter · #1 · fit into my tractor shed ,for a engine swap, and still be able to close the doors.

I was standing behind the tractor shed looking at my grade work when it dawned on me the 20 is just a littttttttle bit bigger than my T-16 and I had better get my tape measure out and measure the HT-20.(The cedar tree in photo is going to be cut down and I plan on the chain saw being 6" below grade for its last cut so the 20 and the 16 were sharing the work of digging a hole around the tree.) After measuring the 20 it works out that If I just take the new weight box off it will fit BUT I won't be able to get from one side to the without opening the double doors so the bucket will come off also.

So as soon as I dig my hole around the tree I have to get going on the tractor shed and clean it out. The shed has been used for our candle making business since I built it 10 years ago. Now that I have need for it to be converted back to a tractor shed I will do it. I made it very pretty for my wife and her customers inside so to go in and destroy all my hard work will be hard- I guess that is why it has been sitting empty these past 3 years.

The foundation had not been poured yet when my son called and said that they were taking out "I" beams with trollies & chain hoists at his job. "DO YOU WANT ONE DAD - I can take one home". In that the building was going to have a 4X12 ridge beam it would be easy to hang the "I" beam under it. I e-mailed him a drawing on how to fabricate the "I" beam and I modified the foundation somewhat to handle the chain hoist load.

Then at frame stage I got a friendly "STOP WORK ORDER" from my wife. Could she use the building for her budding candle business. The business was growing and she needed a place away from the house to expand it. We were worried that we would end up tracking candle wax into the house from the garage. Sooo I moved a window and added a pretty door to the front- the inside was all dolled up so she could sell candles also to the egg customers.

I have to tear out all the special shelfing etc to create enough space for my stuff. It has loft storage so I will put that to good use. I made the loft strong enough to even store both rototiller attachments up there (HT-20 andT-16).

I will get over my grief brought on by destroying the pretty interior about the same time the trolly rolls down the "I" beam with my 2 ton chain hoist attached and plucks the old motor out and drops in the new


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Well.....the ~~better~~ solution would be to build an HT-20 specific shed! One with plenty of walk-around room. Warm in the winter, cooled in the summer. Dry when it rains. And pillows under the front tires for lonesome nights. And...uh....okay...maybe 'some' of this is a bit much.... But I do like that trolley system idea! Good score....
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