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My (hopefully) deer-proof garden

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My plan had 2 needs. 1 to keep the deer out and one to make watering easy. I think both are working out.
The fence is 5' high and the 1" conduit running across the top is enough to keep the tall rats out of eating rangr. And since I had conduit going across the top, why not hang a couple of soaker hoses across them?
I get a nice mist that waters in the entire garden by simply turning on the tap.

About $200 in material and a days work means i may be able to eat something instead of feeding the wildlife.

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You must have high pressure for soaker hoses to mist. They are intended to be run on low pressure and not mist but rather just bleed droplets.

I used chain link fenceposts and top rail to hold up welded wire. It has more of a transparent look than wood does. My well water is too hard for the plants so we use rain water gathered in barrels for most of the watering but we will setup a sprinkler in the centre of the garden as life support should we get a long hot dry spell or not be around to water by hand. I've considered building a large cistern to catch more rain water with a filter and pressure pump to dispense it but I haven't got a round to it yet.

A friend sent me one of these but it doesn't work.
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Park a red or yellow tracter near the garden, that usually keeps the deere away......:sidelaugh
Like this?


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