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My homemade tractor weight.

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Since you guys love pictures i figured i'd post some of a weight rack i made this fall for my plow tractor. It's all angle iron cut and welded together. I made it so it's bolted to the sleeve hitch/3-point mounts and the tow hitch mounts. Comes on and off in about 5 min. The plates weigh about 50lbs a piece. So far it has been a night and day difference. Last year was frustrating cause i felt i was spinning to much and didn't want to bust up my chains or tear up my driveway. This year i haven't had a spin out yet. Most we've had at one time this year was about 7 inches and it handled that no problem. It was kinda wet snow to. I'm considering this project a success! Hope you all enjoy!


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Thanks guys. The plates are from an old RR crossing gate mechanism.
Thanks guys! Its old iron alright, prob 30's or 40's. Snowing here today so maybe some plow time will be on my horizon!!! As far as stealing it...that's why i put it on here!:thThumbsU
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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