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My homemade tractor weight.

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Since you guys love pictures i figured i'd post some of a weight rack i made this fall for my plow tractor. It's all angle iron cut and welded together. I made it so it's bolted to the sleeve hitch/3-point mounts and the tow hitch mounts. Comes on and off in about 5 min. The plates weigh about 50lbs a piece. So far it has been a night and day difference. Last year was frustrating cause i felt i was spinning to much and didn't want to bust up my chains or tear up my driveway. This year i haven't had a spin out yet. Most we've had at one time this year was about 7 inches and it handled that no problem. It was kinda wet snow to. I'm considering this project a success! Hope you all enjoy!


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That looks like it works great!! What did the plates come from?
I thought about bolting a seat on the back and asking the wife if she wanted to go for a ride....:sidelaugh

She wasn'tthat amused... :00000060::00000060::00000060:

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