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My GT16 Has me stumped. 16hp OHV barely cranks switched batts, wires, starters.

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The $50 "Bender" style GT16 with varidrive I got started at the auction but cranked slowly. The engine ran great, no smoke or noises, but barely turned fast enough to start.
Figured it was the battery for that price, but switching in my newest battery from my Toro 0 turn didn't help, niether did another known good battery. So I figured its the wires. Added a new ground cable from the battery to the block, still no change. Jumped the starter directly to the battery, still slow cranking. I'm talking rer....rer....rer half a turn at a time very slowly. Cranks ok by hand a little at a time and cranks ok with the plug removed. Belt is off pulley. I remove starter, clean brushes, lube bearings, no change.
So I buy a used starter off Ebay, put it on, and it still cranks the same.
I have about given up. Hate to part a good running engine, but if I won't crank it's not doing me any good. It seems to have about 100lbs compression. Hard to check it when it won't turn over but half a turn at a time.
It isn't the ignition since it isn't even hooked up right now, and if it was a sheared crank key, it wouldn't have run so perfectly when it did run. I'm thinking repower unless anyone has any other ideas?
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adjust the valves or its the compression release! Id do a valve lash check first...ive run into this problem and usually is curred by valve adjustment
Thanks! Will do. Didn't know Tecumsehs had a compression release but I'll check into it.
Well, that was easy enough! Popped the valve cover off and the exhaust was sloppy loose. Tightened it up to .004 like the intake and it cranks like a new one.
The clearance should be .010 and if you leave at .004 it will eventually burn the valve. Roger

Well, I haven't actually run it yet. I just googled online and found this. Looks by the last entry it should be .004, but I have no manual or experience with OHV tecumsehs.
Does it Look like one in the pic below.....

Make sure once you get it adjusted and back together, turn it over a little by hand to relieve compression. My starter wouldn't turn mine over when I left it at TDC, starts fine now.

Here is from Tecumseh manual

ENGINES. Remove the breather and top half of the
valve cover. Rotate the engine to Top Dead Center
of the compression stroke. Adjust the exhaust valve
to .010 (.254 mm) and .005 (.127 mm) for the intake

That's the guy, I'll reset it to .010 , Thanks!
not sure what how that tractor is set up but my older simplicity was doing something similar (slow crank) until it pretty much stopped cranking (worked the same way with 2 different starters). finally the solenoid gave up (i could hear it ticking and buzzing). replaced it and it starts every time with good cranking speed now.
Just an update, reset the exhaust valve to .010 and put it all back together and pulled the choke and it started right up. Cranks good now. Thanks a BUNCH for the help guys!
Now if you could make it stop raining so the garden will dry out, I'll do some plowing with it.
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