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Greetings yall,

Here are a couple of pics of my Ford 100. Ive been looking for a tractor to use in my garden its not going to be used for mowing at all I use my Ford 4000 for that and a Ferris Z-turn. After I picked it up from my fathers house, cleaned the gas tank and gave it a fresh tank it fired right up. Here are a few Questions for you guys that know these tractors:

1. Can I get a live PTO for this tractor?
2. What year is this tractor my dad bought it used in the early 80s.
(Kohler K241 Sn# 2246319 spec 46560D)
3. Is a sleeve hitch my best bet for attachments?
4. My main goal is to use a moldboard,tiller, discs, and cultivators, what IS my best option to run the powered equipment such as the tiller this will determine the type of tiller to buy.
5. where can i get restoration parts for this tractor?

I really appreciate all the info this is an incredible resource and the people are great keep up the good work!


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:MTF_wel2: Don't know much about the Ford. I do love that style though. It is on my short list of wanted GT's.

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Jacobsen made this tractor for Ford - and others from the mid-60's thru 1970. A tiller was offered as an option with these tractors. I see them fairly regularly on Ebay.

Ebay and Craigslist are probably your best bets for used and sometimes new parts.

New Holland still carries some parts for these tractors but they are pricey.

Check out this group:

It offers the most info on these tractors.

Good luck with your project.
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