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my fleet is growing. i gained a weedeater lol

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today i went to scrapyard and seen a weedeater rider there. so i bought it got it loaded. it came with 2 mower decks. 1 good one which wasnt on it and one bad one which was on it. so i got to looking good deck was a cable deck and mower took a rod deck. so i stopped by repair shop on way home and traded for a good rod deck. got home changed 3 tires the other front holds for 2 hours and goes down. changed engine pulley (key was busted) put oil in it and my battery from sub 15 in it and it fired up and rans sweet. got it off the truck and went to work fixing the deck. i need to look for a different deck belt this one is grabbing engine pulley but it mows wonderful. after i got it home i seen it says vip on the side of hood is it vip because its setup for a left handed person? the deck lift is on left side and engaugement is where the deck lift is normally at. thanks to my neighbors kid i wouldnt of got it together so quick either. and to top it off its probably sold already lol.


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Nice score! I went to junkyard today, nothing new! :(
Not even a engine for my red Craftsman! :(
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