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yesterday was my first test mow. note, grass is dry because it's HOT and Dry in the summer in the south.

Ok, well I mow what is there.. can't really tell where I mowed very good.. and my wife comes out and says.. hmm.. where did you mow.. oh , I see..

I didn't think too much about it since the grass is dry and not really needing mowing, but a bit.

the next day.. looking underneath to check If the blades needed sharpening.. I was like , WHAT?

the blades were UPSIDE DOWN and mounted in the wrong order.. and they looked like they had been that way for some time.

Wow.. someones' not to smart.. blowing down and backwards? ha.:drunkie:. well I sharpened them and will test again next week.. when the grass grows

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They were in "dust distribution mode".... Yeah, that's the ticket.
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