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My first Bolens

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I boutht this Bolens 1000 last night. It came with a mower deck, rototiller, and blade. The motor turns over, but I havent tried to start it, yet. It is missing the seat and muffler. I have no idea what year it is, or if it is worth restoring, so any help there would be appreciated.

Thanks for looking:


In the weeds:



Resting in the garage:

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Nice find!
The Bolens is definitely worth saving
That is in great shape for sitting in the weeds
The year would be a 1965, one year only produced model, I have one myself . It will make a nice tractor once you can get her running, and would look great if that UGLY green paint wasnt on it.
How much did you pay for her if you dont mind me asking.
Thanks for the information. I paid 200.00 for the lot; I didn't think there was anyway in the world it wasn't worth it.

What would the original color scheme have been?


1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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