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My father's 1960 Model L

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Greetings to all! I have been reading this forum for a while and it is full of good intel on keeping the monsters alive. I wanted to share back
I have a L that my father put the 7.6 head on back in the 70's, just had the jug reconditioned by Richards due to excessive oil consumption ( amazing smoke frm a one cylinder but it still had plenty of power). Richards is a great resource, cheap and knowledgable as I am sure you all know.
Few observations about the jug job:
1. Valve adjustment of .012" plan on doing this 3 times, pre first run, after initial run and after intitial use. exhaust valve clearance changed after first run ( seated better) and intake changed after intial use ( check it the next day cold- always cold)
2. Fan belt tension. if you notice a loss of power or really low oil pressure after a half hour or so you might be running hot. My belt was pretty loose. The adjustment nut is a 1 1/2" inch skinny wrench ( or unthread the pulley till you can get some meat on it).
Not related to the jug job but the only time it really scared me:
3. Make sure the fuel is turned off at the tank. I lit the lawn on fire after it sat for a while last year with the gas on ( like a week) and it filled up the intake pipe. it had rained a lot so I didnt think twice about the liquid spraying out the muffler until it cleared, started and whoosh up it went. of course the beast was fine.
Enough for now and thanks!
30" mower, sickle bar, rotary cultivator, snow blade, scary snow blower, dual wheels and weights, most of the electric start kit installed ( prefer to use jump battery and not have to cut up the old hood.
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First of all, :Welcome1:

Be sure to drop by the Introductions forum and leave a note.

The Gravely sounds like a great machine. I haven't dealt with Richard's yet, but I am getting a small list of needed parts together so that I can make an order. I am only about 2 hours away from him, lucky me.

Keep up the caring and concern for your old girl. These machines will outlast all of us if they are maintaned correctly.

Be sure to give her a bath occasionally. I have found that mine really likes compressed air.

Take care.
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a nice machine! Where in Connecticut are you ?
Windsor Locks, about a mile from the airport
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