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My DR trimmer/mower

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Yes, i have one now. I found it in my Grandmother's basement and after shooting some carb cleaner followed by compressed air into the carb it now runs like a scalded dog. and let me tell you. This thing is a HOSS! It's like a massive souped up weedeater on steroids and wheels. Short vid of it coming soon. Also has a saw blade head but i need to find it.
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:wwp: :cool:
Pictures are coming ASAP!

The DR is the second half of the video.
Not hijacking your thread, but I love mine, it isn't a DR but a Craftsman and it works great!
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Ahhh Envious I am...I want one of those. Do they come up much on fleabay ?
i should get one for my lawn biz-great for over grown trashy lawns
I dont know if the DR ones come up much on there but if you buy one brand new they are EXPENSIVE!!!!! but they are also built to last so i guess you get what you pay for.
There is no string guard(would be on underside) to protect it missing ? If it did not come with it could one be fitted to it ?
It doesn't have one, his is an older model like this one.
what would be a reasonable price to offer for one like the above or a couple years newer than that one ? Assuming in current good running condition....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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