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Many, many garden tractors over the years. Started with close to a dozen different Sears, a couple Wheelhorses a JD140 and then the last few years Simplicitys and Allis's. I've got a 4041, 9020, GTH17, 7119H, 3212H, 3112H, B110 and a JD140. Right now I'm looking to sell the 2 Powermax's to get a farm or industrial tractor with a loader and backhoe, possibly a Ford 641 I'm looking at now. Anybody looking for a couple Pow'rMax's?
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Sorry Doc, but I'm not. But... :Welcome1: Sounds like quite a herd you have there.
Welcome to the forum!

Pictures are not opitional!
Welcome to the Forum:MTF_wel:
Welcome to the forum Doc! A picture is worth and thousand words and with the list of tractors you have we'd like a chance to see them all!
Welcome to the forum!

Pictures are not opitional!
:ditto: I must agree with a collection like that we must have pictures!:fing32:

and a big :MTF_wel:
What's up Doc1?,
Sorry couldn't resist. Welcome to the forum. In case no one has told you yet, we like PICTURES.
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