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my case 446 is jerking me around

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hi all i need your help i have a case 446 1972 for the past 3 years or so my case would start jerking when coming out of sharp turns but now its mush worse and now its also jerking when climing steep hills but i dont know what it is hope its not the trans axle iam just asking here for help before i start pulling things off my case.
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It could be a number of things.

When did you change the oil in the hydraulic system last?

What did you put in there as these do not use hydraulic oil but motor oil?

Also be aware that these older machines did have an issue with the rear axle bolts breaking. In either case you should pull that apart anyway and do a repair on it.

It is mentioned numerous times in the archives here, but basically you pull the entire rear end out and replace the carrier bolts with a kit from Ingersoll. You can also PM BHildret of this forum and he can get them for you, then put a 1" weld on both sides of the carrier halves to keep any movement from reoccuring again. Caution of this is your issue don't keep running the machine as you can crack your case or put a hole in it.

Just a thought... if your tractor is a female then getting jerked around would be considered a normal operating procedure. :D

- Stay tuned for more replys.

BTW Welcome to the forum.
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You've had this problem for three years and you're just getting around to asking for help?????

My first thoughts is that this is a tractor with loose clamps on the suction hose and the pump is sucking in air, resulting in cavitation. Your tractor has the oil reservoir mounted up front. Tighten up all of the hose clamps on the suction hose all the way to the pump itself.

If you haven't changed the hydraulic oil in your tractor, then do so now. Go and find six quarts of any decent 20W50 MOTOR OIL and buy it. Remove your deck. Find the travel/lift valve that is mounted directly under the checker plate floorboard. On the bottom of that valve is a 1/4" diameter plug with a hex socket head. Use an Allen wrench to remove it. Remove the spark plugs from the engine. Use the starter motor to spin the engine and the pump will empty the reservoir into a bucket.

When the oil stops flowing, stop spinning the engine. Put it all back together and refill the reservoir with the motor oil. Take the tractor for a quick spin and then check the level of the oil. It's FULL when the level is about an inch and a half below the top of the tank when cold.

And while you're at it, check the four engine mounting bolts for tightness.

When you've completed these tasks, report back here with the results.
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thanks all i didnt even think about cavitation thats a good idea ill check that 1st and ill take a look at the axle bolts thank you again
Straight hydraulic oil will foam up & cause very erratic jerking. Most like to use Shell Rotella 15w40 or 20w50 in the hy-drive tractors.
thanks all i didnt even think about cavitation thats a good idea ill check that 1st and ill take a look at the axle bolts thank you again
In order to see the axle bolts in question, you have to remove everything above the rear end so you can drop the rear end out of the tractor and then open the top cover. Let's not get carried away here. Start by tightening up the clamps and checking the suction hose/s for deterioration. Then change out the oil to fresh motor oil and come back here and tell us what happened.
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thanks all for the help found a loose cupling on the holding vale i install some years ago and now she is running great now
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