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My BX25 arrived yesterday.

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What a sweet machine. When they dropped it off they gave me what seamed to be a wrench for the oil and/or transmission filters and a relay of some sort. I couldn't find anything in the manual about what the wrench or relay were for. Does anyone know? Thx, Scott
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Congrats sxs191, good choice. :thThumbsU
Don't have any idea why they left you a wrench and relay.
Did you order the rear light kit perchance?

The engine oil filter and HST hydraulic filters are known to be installed very tightly form the factory but this is the 1st I've heard of them providing a filter wrench along with a new tractor :D

Perhaps they left them by accident.
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Congratulations on the new tractor. How about a pic ?
I didn't order a rear light kit. I did order the 3 point hitch but doubt it's for that. I didn't even try the wrench to see if it fits the filters. (I probably should) I will get pics of it the first chance I get. I haven't been able to find the battery charger for my camera.. (UGH!) Thanks.

Congrats on your new machine! :thThumbsU
Congratulations and :goodl: with your new tractor. I could understand giving you a filter wrench but not a relay. I would call them on that. :wwp:
When I got my B2320, they gave me a filter wrench as well. No relay, though.

Congratulations sxs191. Looking forward to the pic's. Never heard of anyone getting either of those two items with a new BX. Mine did arrive with a rag stuffed in the cup holder however :D

I think they waxed it and left it there by mistake.
Kubota ships the wrench and relay in the box with the manuals when they ship the new tractor. Some dealers pass them on, some dealers throw them away. I believe the wrench fits the engine oil filter.
Christopher, what is the relay for?
That was my next question.. What is the relay for?
I was mistaken calling it a relay. That is the main fuse for the tractor. All new Kubota Bs and BXs come with these items from the factory. They also come with a block of wood used for your clutch/brake pedal when storing your tractor.
Congrats on your new tractor, wrench, and main fuse. Have fun with the tractor.
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