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My boy's 1st tractor

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Here's a lawn mower I got from a friend of a friend. All in peices. boxes and buckets of stuff. Everything was tore apart .
I had some sandblasting to do on a trailer so thought I blast this stuff too ,and paint it up. I just got it all together today and took it for a spin. I still got some more work to do. put on the deck ,fix or tube a rear tire ,air cleaner and a new seat.



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dont see a pic yet.....but I am shure there will be one soon.....
The little guy looks right at home on that tractor. Just be sure to remove the keys as they learn all too quick how to start them up.
that young fella looks right at home there!!:greendr:
Very good picture of your son. Thanks for posting!
Great picture thanks for posting
The little guy looks like he's ready to take off right now on that tractor.
He is really studying the controls. I think he is ready to go.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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